At The Travel Summit 2020 (June 1-2), travel’s most senior executives converge to revolutionize hospitality and streamline every touchpoint of the customer journey – join 350+ travel executives from every touchpoint of the customer journey (from partnerships and discovery optimization to loyalty and retention). If you want to revolutionize your CX and connect the touchpoints of the customer journey, this is the conference to do it at!
Industry leading CX and Travel speakers include:
How The Travel Summit 2020 will radically enhance your customer’s journey:
  1. Reinvigorate Direct Bookings and Loyalty Initiatives: Develop new channels, luxury experiences and predictive AI to boost your distribution without the middle man
  2. Personalize Your Product: Use practical tech and savvy strategies to convert your customer’s intent into dollars
  3. Levy Powerful Partnerships: Build symbiotic relationships throughout the industry that will vastly increase your acquisition channels
  4. Create Authentic Experiences: Maximize tours & activities potential by involving personalized CX and the local community. Hear from experts who utilize these tools to broaden their offering and profit from a flood of new customers
  5. Discover Cutting Edge Tech that will harness occupancy data and customer preferences to streamline your CX and maximize revenue potential by personalizing at scale
We’ve assembled the most senior speaker line-up in the industry to tackle every touchpoint of the customer journey. No matter where you are in the industry – marketing, CX, data management, analytics, on-site experience professional – we have tailored insights and networking opportunities that will ensure your business thrives in this new decade.
We produce in-depth industry surveys, whitepaper reports and think-pieces designed to get to the root of what issues the travel industry is concerned with right now. All of our insights work towards the holistic goal of providing an informed and detailed agenda for our annual travel summits – where you will be able to meet the thought leaders that are changing the way the industry works.
The companies that attend our conferences:
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