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Direct bookings are the holy grail for hotels and airlines, and in an age of OTA dominance, the most profitable outcome involves a rich balance of bookings.

EyeforTravel have put together a 32-page report on the state of direct bookings and how to emerge from the booking battle with a healthy bottom line.

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The report features in-depth insight from these leading brands:
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What you’ll discover in this report:

  • Mastering the symbiotic relationship between third-party and direct to boost exposure and revenues
  • The savviest SEO, SEM, metasearch and UGC strategy that will drive consumers to your direct channels
  • Perfecting your move to a Responsive Web Design across all devices for higher customer engagement with your brand
  • The loyalty forecast and where closed-user programs are both in crisis and succeeding
  • The industry’s chosen areas of investment for customer acquisition and retention
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The Unmissable Features of this Report!

  • 32-pages of solid insight from the unique brands in travel who have really mastered the direct game
  • Unreleased statistics on how your competitors perceive the OTAs, top areas of investment for travel acquisition and the facts on how much loyalty program members spend
  • An in-depth case study on the Hilton Honors program, disclosing how Hilton oversaw more than 95% of their members book direct and grew membership by a fifth in size!
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