In EyeforTravel’s recent analytics and AI survey, a staggering 65% of travel executives said AI is going to revolutionize travel.

This was one of many insightful stats found in EyeforTravel’s 2019 Analytics and AI survey, which took data from over 250 travel executives.

Whether you agree with this statistic or not, these exclusive survey results will see you benchmark your AI and analytics investments with the rest of the industry.

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Headline Stats that are affecting your business:

  • 14% of respondents found converting data into actual insight to make decisions was one of the biggest challenges in the effective use of analytics.
  • 18% of the industry predicted hyper-personalization efforts to benefit from AI most
  • A shocking 1% found AI to benefit customer lifetime value

Whether these stats resonate with you or not, download the results now to get the full story and discover where the industry sees challenges and the golden rewards in data and AI.

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Reading these results will give you unique insight into:

  • Which travel department has the most to gain from analytics
  • If deep learning and machine learning investments are set to increase in 2019
  • The analytics tools that are going to be most transformative for your business
  • If AI will disrupt your role for the better or worse

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