2019 State of the Travel Market: Your Complete Guide to Data, AI and Benchmarks

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It’s an exciting era full of disruptive new technologies and mountains of data that pave the way to huge financial gains in travel!

EyeforTravel has put together a state of the market pack including an infographic (over 1500 travel experts surveyed) diving into the threats, opportunities and major trends affecting your business. An exclusive hyper-personalization webinar also features in the pack with senior analytics experts from Wyndham and TUI.

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What this pack will deliver to you:

Benchmark with the leading brands in the industry and discover:

  • What the top data and tech priorities are to drive untapped profits
  • The challenges your industry peers face both internally and externally
  • From natural language processing, to analytics, to AR, which key trends will impact your company and when?
  • Find out which travel brand is the most innovative this year and the profit boost you could grasp from them

An astonishing 1500 of your peers have completed the survey, providing an exclusive sneak peak into where the true threats and opportunities lie in the travel industry.

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You’ll get direct insight from these brands:

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The Hyper-Personalization Webinar will Deliver:

  • How to reach the right level of granularity to engage and win the direct booking
  • The AI-Data balance that makes your company a truly predictive machine and always cash-flow positive
  • How Wyndham, TUI and Tiber have cracked the hyper-personalization code and seen profits skyrocket

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Enjoy the pack and let me know of any questions!

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