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Understanding what your customer expects and adjusting your business model accordingly is crucial to ensuring growth and delivering true business value.

Having a clear vision of what investment opportunities can enhance customer experience and understanding what innovations are guaranteed to increase bookings is crucial for any brand looking to remaining relevant and competitive in the online travel market.

Which is why we recently asked Best Western, Zoku, Ctrip and – four travel brands with diverse business models - about their goals for cracking the customer experience in the coming year and which steps they are taking today to achieve their objectives.

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By reading this whitepaper, you’ll get unique insights into:
  • The impact of consumer trends: compare examples from these leading brands and evaluate how consumer trends are impacting your understanding of CX and what you need to do to accommodate changing customer behaviours
  • Advancing customer experience with technology: unlock innovative strategies to integrate customer-experience-enhancing technologies into your business model
  • The role of human touch: discover how to integrate the latest efficiency-enhancing technologies while maintaining and focalising on the personal, human touch you can offer your customers
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Crack the Customer Experience with Best Western, Zoku, Ctrip and

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Quick Preview of ‘EyeforTravel - Cracking the Customer Experience’

It is quite simple. The client is number one. If you don’t serve the client you are out of here.”

-    Bas Lemmens, Chief Executive Officer,

"It is no longer a case of what bread you make or what brand of shower you’ve installed but, more importantly, what customers think.”

-    Rob Paterson, Chief Executive Officer, Best Western Hotels & Resorts

We firmly believe in product innovation and are dedicated to championing the customer.

-    Amy Wei, GM of International Train Ticketing, Ctrip

“IoT is a very cool tech but it is still very sensitive from a privacy point of view

-    Hans Meyer, Co-Founder, Zoku

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EyeforTravel - Crack the Customer Experience

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