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Looking to the year ahead, how does your commercial strategy and priorities list match up to those of your competitors? Are you investing in the right technologies? And are you aware of the key trends most likely to impact your sales? Find out in our 2018 survey results…

We asked 2,000+ travel executives (of which about 50% were C-Level) about the challenges and successes they’ve experienced this year and the opportunities they expect to see in 2019.

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Key take-aways from the survey include:

  • 35% said customer acquisition was their top priority – you should be focusing your efforts on getting more customers through the door
  • 44% said the cost of acquisition was the main factor hindering them from getting their product in front of customers; can you develop more budget-friendly marketing campaigns?
  • 69% suggested that technological innovation would be the distinguisher between travel winners and losers of the future.

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    By reading our survey results you’ll find out more about: 

    • Innovations likely to keep brands ahead of the crowd: Compare your business plan with your competitors and make the right provisions for the coming year
    • Which marketing strategies hold the best return on investment and identify factors hindering customer acquisition.
    • AI, Blockchain, Voice enabled assistants... find out which technologies you need to be investing in now – and in the future – and which departments have the most to gain

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    Some of the key findings from the survey revealed:

    • Penetrating new markets was cited as the biggest external challenge by 40% of respondents, meaning expansion is a key objective across the industry;
    • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies were seen as only likely to impact the industry in over five years, meaning those investing in these technologies are ahead of the crowd;
    • and Expedia were cited as the most innovative company in the industry: will the hotels and airlines ever catch up?

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       State of the Industry Survey Report

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