Unleash the potential of cross-company
digital transformation with travel’s most disruptive brands

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The digital era is here. 

Join the Digital Strategy Summit and receive a step-by-step action plan for digital transformation from the industry’s leading brands.

Join the Digital Strategy Summit (21st – 22nd May, London) to receive an end-to-end roadmap for digital transformation based on tried-and-tested strategies from travel’s leading brands.

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This year’s key themes include:

  • Cross-company digital reform: discover how to drive innovation across your company and leverage the digital eco-system to boost efficiency and drive profits

  • Drive profits with partners: calculate the ROI of your distribution partnerships, developing a more pragmatic partnership strategy and making ancillary products available on the company website

  • Cut acquisition costs & innovate: learn how to drive direct bookings and get around burdensome commissions and reshape your budget to allow for more innovation

  • Revitalise your CX with technology: hear from brands using the latest technologies from artificial intelligence to drone cameras to boost the customer experience and build engagement

  • Access untapped revenue streams: discover how to appeal to the Chinese travel market, implement reforms to appeal to millennials and discover the power of the niche travel brand
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Leading Industry Heavyweights prepare to Share their Insights:

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You'll benefit from:

  • 450+ Senior-level travel executives from digital, eCommerce, marketing & operations
  • 60 speakers, all VP-level and above
  • 40 results-driven discussions, drilling down on the most vital issues
  • 10+ hours of unparalleled networking opportunities
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